I started Make All Technologies in March of 2013 as a venue for projects and contracted jobs across a slew of categories. I have some experience in the design and development of web and mobile applications, games, and software tools. Through Make All, I offer my services as a programmer, advisor, liaison, and/or designer.

I also work on my own fun products; the first of these is in development at the time of this writing. Some of these are planned as paid releases, and others are geared toward open source distribution.

The spirit of Make All Technologies is to embrace this era's wealth of available languages and platforms, and not cling to a single set of tools or media in an effort to remain comfortable. There's plenty to be said for focused specialization and the knowledge that comes with it, but strong familiarity with multiple approaches results in a broader perspective, and can inform better choices.

The company is in its early days (again, at the time of this writing) and I look forward to featuring a growing portfolio of happy clients and finished products as time progresses. Until such time, I hope I've sufficiently piqued your interest; if you'd like to know more, you can reach me by way of the contact page.